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Shakabookings is here to enable you, the extreme sports enthusiast, to reach out and connect with experienced athletes who can help you raise your game…in whatever adrenalin-fuelled sport you can think of!

Browse through our index of professional instructors and connect with the one that best meets your needs. You can find details of their background, reviews and ultimately book lessons with them through our app.

For the learner

So how does it work? Simply register as a member (free of charge) and once your profile is set up, you can browse through listings of tutors for each category of high-octane sport according to level of proficiency (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

For the Instructor

We also offer instructors and guides the possibility to showcase their skills by setting up their own profile. This will provide a shop window for talented sports people to promote their services and specify what level of coaching they are able to give.  Where and when lessons can be given, as well as the tariff can be set up by you.

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